Introductory Note

GCL – Global Comparative Law is the primary legal research service for lawyers and legal professionals in Israel.  GCL provides proprietary database services.  Information resources on Global Comparative Law include databases of case law, state and federal statutes, and other information resources of the most influential jurisdictions globally, including England, the European Commission, Australia, Canada, U.S. federal and state courts, and U.S. federal agencies.  The databases are updated daily, and all judicial opinions are indexed and summarized in Hebrew.

DEBATE law review and GCL together aim to be the premier sources for articles concerning laws governing business organization and capital markets.   DEBATE law review is particularly focused on publishing timely articles by scholars, practitioners, and policymakers on corporate law and governance, securities and capital markets law, financial regulation and financial institutions, law and finance, financial distress and bankruptcy, and related subjects. DEBATE law review offers a valuable resource for professionals: a highly specialized, technical and well-researched publication that enables the legal community in Israel, to stay on top of global developments in a thorough and efficient way.

Given the increased importance of a basic understanding of international and comparative law principles to legal education and practice, GCL’s purpose is to provide the practicing bar and the academic community with insight into the evolving problems of an increasingly interdependent world.